That’s it, you’ve decided to have an intimate wedding or an elopement in Quebec! But now, you find that the idea of ​​getting married at the courthouse lacks romance. Like a lot! You still want to make your wedding day a memorable one. A day that allows you to experience significant moments between you two […]

Where to elope in Quebec ?

Mariage intime en nature au Québec au bord de l'eau au Parc du Bic | intimate wedding or elopement location ideas in Quebec

I’ll tell you a secret… Patrick and I have only one regret regarding our wedding day. It’s not having chosen to elope. In fact, it’s much more than that … We didn’t even know it was possible to get married this way. Having known that it existed, we would have made different choices. Patrick felt […]

How to tell your family and friends you are eloping

Eloping is not for everyone. It’s not a fashionable statement, an impulsive decision, or something you should do to look cool. Here we share real reasons why the couples we work with, to guide and photograph them on their wedding day, decided to elope rather than organize a conventional wedding. Above all, your wedding day […]

8 reasons to elope

Do you ever dream of leaving everything aside? To run away as a couple for a long weekend? To live in the moment without schedule, without fuss and with people who really matter? That sums up a perfect day in my book! Why then, when the time comes to get married, do we get bogged […]

What is an elopement?

Définition elopement

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